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Welcome! I'm Tara Tse, I help athletes throughout their lifetime (exercise/sport throughout the lifetime, new career, approaching age milestones, approaching retirement in sport and career) to rule their life with INTEGRITY, model LEADERSHIP, and create TRUE WEALTH. 

"The secret to change it to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~Socrates



How I Can Help You


Foundation of a Leader

(formerly Life Navigation)

 Claim your crown! Lead your life and your community to true wealth (wellness, health, and abundance).

Moving Into Alignment- Finding Your Neutral

Connect your mind and body to learn to move better. By finding your neutral, you can have stronger muscles, healthier joints, and a happier body. 

We will do this by creating a foundation of quality movement for you to build or maintain your strength. 

Habits of a Leader

Actions to LEAD your Kingdom

Create a daily lifestyle practice to achieve your goals, to rule with INTEGRITY, model LEADERSHIP, and create TRUE WEALTH for yourself and your people.

Book your 30 minute 

Complimentary Awareness Call Today! 

Note: Awareness calls, personal training and coaching are done over Zoom unless otherwise specified. Once you book your call, Tara will contact you with the Zoom link.



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