Welcome! I'm Tara Tse, and I help retired athletes navigate life transitions (exercise/sport throughout the lifetime, new career, approaching age milestones, approaching retirement in sport and career).  I'm here to keep you accountable to achieving your life's purpose; create alignment with your mind and body to improve self awareness; and create a personalized lifestyle practice to help you achieve your goals.  

"The secret to change it to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~Socrates



How I Can Help You


Life Navigation

Reconnect to your life purpose, develop your self awareness, and create a system to achieve your goals!


We will do this by creating accountability, finding alignment with your mind and body, and by developing a lifestyle practice that you can adapt throughout your life.

Moving Into Alignment- Finding Your Neutral

Connect your mind and body to learn to move better. By finding your neutral, you can have stronger muscles, healthier joints, and a happier body. 

We will do this by creating a foundation of quality movement for you to build or maintain your strength. 

Book your 90 minute Complimentary Awareness Call Today! 



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