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Life Navigation

Personal Development through Holistic Coaching

What is it?

Life Navigation is an 8 week program that helps you to reconnect with who you are, align your mind and body for better self awareness, and helps you to create a lifestyle practice to help you be your best and most productive self. 

Who I work with:

  • Retired Athletes

  • Business Professionals


  1. Reconnect to your life purpose

  2. Navigate life transitions

  3. Manage stress

  4. Build self- confidence

  5. Improve productivity in all aspects of life

  6. Improve performance

  7. Create a lifestyle practice to achieve your goals

  8. Attract and create healthy relationships

Step 1

Book your 90 minute Awareness Call today to get started!

Step 2

Commit to 8 weeks of  intensive personal development

Step 3

Commit to the continued process of personal development

Step 4

Ask for help when needed


Tara's creative and engaging approach to coaching was refreshing. She helped me get outside of my head and get in touch with the more artistic and playful parts of myself.


Tara had a welcoming and grounded confidence throughout our coaching session which made it easy to open up and look within. She asked thoughtful questions that showed she really listened to me and helped me work through my challenges.


Tara is an amazingly calm and insightful coach. The tools that she used as a coach were fun and playful as well as applicable to my every day. She was able to facilitate uncovering many things to help me learn about myself and continue to move forward. I could feel her support and presence.



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