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Move into Alignment- Find Your Neutral

Movement quality for quality of life. 

What is it?

Move into Alignment is a one-month (8 session) program. We meet twice per week (in person or over Zoom) to teach you how to find your body's neutral position and how to maintain neutral as you exercise and move through life.

Who I work with:

People who want to move better, have better quality of life, and are ready to learn.


  • Be confident in how to move (lift, carry, squat, bend over)

  • Be confident to challenge your body to get stronger

  • Feel more independent

  • Learn to balance strength and flexibility

  • Develop your physical and mental awareness

Step 1

Book a 90 minute Awareness Call (Zoom)

Step 2

Commit to 2-sessions per week for 4-weeks to move your body into alignment and find your neutral posture and movements 

Step 3

Live  and move with confidence

Step 4

Ask for help when needed


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