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Are you approaching or in, a life transition?

Change can be hard! Especially if what you are doing gives you acknowledgment and praise! It’s important to remember that, what we do, does not define, who we are. We have specific qualities or characteristics that allow us to accomplish what we do and that should be celebrated! Accomplishments are incredible moments in our life journey, but know that, we are so much more than those moments! When you are approaching life transitions, such as, going to a different school, changing jobs, transitioning to different levels of sport, getting married, starting a family, approaching age milestones, starting a business, or approaching retirement from sport or career; we often get caught up in associating our identity with our position or role in our job, our sport, our family, and with our friends. The problem is that, as we evolve, we get stuck because we hold-on to old parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. We know it doesn’t feel right but for our own false-sense of safety we either convince ourselves that we don't want to change or we convince ourselves, we can’t change because the people we know need us to be the way we’ve always been because otherwise they won’t be ok. We tell ourselves stories as to why we can’t change and makeup the consequences that would follow. The reality is we are only hurting ourselves by holding on to the past instead of being true to who we are in this moment. Life transitions often bring about personal evolution. If you are approaching a life transition or are in one, if you are feeling lost, I encourage you to reflect on the following:

1. What are the qualities that make you who you are?

2. What are your core values?

3. What are your top 5 priorities?

4. What are you doing to take care of you? What aren’t you doing to take care of you? What are you going to start doing so that you can be at your best?

5. What do you need to keep yourself accountable?

These are just a start but from here you can get the people and the systems in place to take care of yourself so that you can reconnect to who you are and your life purpose. You don’t have to navigate these transitions alone!

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