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Connection Through the Holidays: Make this your best holiday season yet!

This year has been a challenge for everyone and now that the holidays are only a few weeks away, we are already anticipating the things we won’t be able to do this year and the missing the people that we won’t be able to see. I see this as an opportunity to create the best holiday yet!

Holidays are often stressful due to the amount of preparation, travel, anticipating the people we do and do not want to see. Why not take the opportunity to make this year a more intimate experience? Puzzles, board games, baking, crafts, tobogganing, skating, snowmen, snow forts, hot chocolate? If you don’t like those things, that’s fine. Do the things that you do like, without the pressure of having to make others happy. Just you and your household. Many people have Zoom-fatigue, which maybe an opportunity to take time to connect to yourself. If you don’t have Zoom-fatigue, you might consider: video meals, game apps that you can play via video call, or video- eggnog calls. If you celebrate Christmas and open gifts, you could have a video- gift opening with loved ones. It’s not what we’re used to but maybe it’s better? How often have you complained about the holidays or at the very least, how often do you hear others complain about what they have to do and who they have to see over the holidays. If anything, it could make future holidays more enjoyable after not being able to do all the things that we’ve become so accustom to.

The holidays are challenging for a lot of people on a “normal” year. If you or someone you know could use some holiday cheer or just someone to listen, reach out. There are ways to connect and be there for each other despite physical distancing.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season! May you have the best holiday that you have ever created! Be safe. Have fun. Happy Holidays!


"Sail Through the Holidays" is a 6 week Coaching Program to help you manage your stress and be at your best through the end of this year and transitioning in to the new year (*Sale-ends-Dec-31st-p264258539) You deserve to enjoy the holidays too!

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