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Has Your Inner Beast Gone Into Hibernation?


It’s not easy being authentic! In a recent coaching session, it was brought to my attention that I wasn’t being authentic; that was a cruel realization! I would consistently show up as the same person. no matter where I went, BUT! I would often hold back from saying things because I was afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Having said that, I would never intentionally try to hurt or offend anyone, EVER! It was also pointed out that, if I attracted like-minded people, then I wouldn’t have to hold back because they would understand where I was coming from. I am not sure when I stopped being authentic, I used to pride myself in being brutally honest and blunt. My friends and family knew I had their best interests in mind. I would often be thanked for being honest. No matter, now that I am aware of it, I have been working diligently to being authentic again, and it’s working! There is an incredible freedom and peace that comes with being authentic. I encourage you to find your authentic self, if you haven’t already. Your inner beast is your authenticity. My inner beast is a tiger. I’ve noticed that since I’ve found my voice again, I can feel the beast in me, confident and ready to flow through the river of life.

After Sport- Re-Awakening the Beast

I have worked with athletes at all levels, from 7 year old’s, up to amateur and professional athletes. I have also had the privilege to work with athletes once they left sport. I have a soft spot for retired* athletes, they are one of the most fulfilling populations to work with. Why? Because they have so much potential. Once their beast comes out of hibernation, they will take life on, stronger and smarter than they ever did as an athlete. The focus becomes being their best through building themselves up opposed to grinding to try to wring more out. They have the opportunity to bring out the authentic beast that lives within them.

We need to do a better job of preparing children to know who they are and reinforcing this throughout their lifetime. Often we think, we are what we do and that’s where our value comes from, but that’s not the case!!! What we do and accomplish do not define WHO we are as individuals. They are fleeting moments along our journey. We are so much more than a sport, a career, a member in a family.

This is why I have chosen to focus on helping athletes who want to reconnect to the qualities that made them a great athletes, to awaken the beast and guide them back to the path, to rediscover their life’s purpose, so that they can thrive once more! With the tools that they will learn from my Life Navigation program, they will be able to navigate life transitions and adapt to what life throws at them with confidence. I’m here to help you find your voice, passion, and fight again. To be a beast without apology!

*Athletes that are no longer competing at the highest level that they competed at. For some athletes this was high school, others- college, amateur, or professional. Once an athlete is no longer competing at a high level, does NOT mean that they are no longer an athlete!

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