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Hi! Let me introduce myself....

1. Life Balance. ⚖️ There seems to be much debate about what this means and whether or not it is attainable. My definition of life balance is to feel at peace with the decisions in your life. To feel that you can manage your life to the best of your ability. It is NOT about how many hours a day or a week you spend on any one area of your life! Everyone is different and requires or desires more or less time in different areas of life and sometimes certain areas of our life require more time depending on what is going on and that is OK! However, running yourself into the ground is not sustainable. Our bodies are resilient, but they can only do that for so long before they will stop bouncing back.

2. Self Care. 😊 Everyone responds differently to different activities. Yoga and meditation are great for some people but if you find it irritating and feel like you want to be somewhere else, this probably isn’t a great place to start. A few questions to ask yourself are: What fills you up? What makes you feel like yourself? Are there things that you can do that help you be more patient and understanding? These things should be in your self care routine. If you don’t take care of yourself, your likelihood of burning out or developing compassion fatigue increase over time.

3. Holistic Approach. 🌿 Taking into consideration all aspects of your life and acknowledging how they work together. It’s not just about exercise and nutrition, but is also about, and not limited to, emotional, intellectual, financial, environmental, occupational, social, and creative satisfaction. Being aware of how each of these areas impact your well-being is essential to helping you develop your ideal life balance and self-care practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope this helps you to think about life balance and self-care in a more holistic sense.Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to further discuss any of these definitions. Have a great day! 😊

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