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How do you Feel About Valentines Day?

Friday is Valentine's Day. Some people wait anxiously for this day to come around each year and others dread it! Which side are you on? I would like to propose that this year you celebrate with yourself. Self-love is key to love! By having a strong and healthy relationship with yourself you will have better relationships with others. If you have lost touch with who you are and what you want, this is the time to take action to reconnect with those qualities and desires. Here are a few questions to help you reflect on who you are and what you want:

1. What makes me, me?

2. What do I enjoy doing? When was the last time that I did that/those thing(s)?

3. Who do I enjoy spending time with? Why do I enjoy spending time with that/those person/people?

4. Where do I want to be in one year from now? What do I need to do to get there?

Once you’ve answered these questions, put a plan in place so that you can reconnect to yourself. By being your authentic self, you will improve your relationship with yourself, which will directly improve your relationships with other people. You will be more productive at work and even enjoy what you do more. You will be able to live each moment to the fullest because you will be connected to your life purpose. Is there a greater gift than being loved unconditionally? All you need is you! May you create habits to make this love last for a life time! I wish you the happiest of Valentine's Day's! 💖

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