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Lessons from Literature: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani

I had a lot of resistance to reading this book. I think Vishen has done a wonderful job with Mindvalley but I definitely feel a sense of sales every time I hear him speak. This started to make sense after hearing about his experience in sales. I didn’t mind this book, I even liked it, despite the resistance I felt. I did find myself taking a day or two before completing each exercise because there was such a strong urge not to do it. I did get through it all, eventually!

I did like:

- The "Twelve Areas of Balance"

- The "Blueprint To Your Soul"

- The differentiation between mean goals and end goals.

- And I must admit I “unlocked” several false-beliefs or “Brules” that I had been unknowingly, holding on to.

I appreciate that authors like, Vishen, Brendon Burchard, and Jen Sincero have done the work, created a process, and are now sharing it for others to follow. It is another self- help/personal development book. Personally, I appreciate all of them because we are all different, we think differently and even if we don’t like the book or think “it’s the same as all the others,” there’s always a slightly different spin. For example, Vishen has even created his own words. Language is such a powerful tool and it affects us differently depending on SO MANY factors, including but not limited to: up bringing, social experiences, education (academic, books, articles, courses, personal experience, etc), views, values, beliefs, and so much more! If you want to read about a process to help you to be your best self, it might be worth your while to check out “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.” At the very least, it might give you an idea about how you could create your own process to live your best life.

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