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Thanksgiving, Covid-19, and Entrepreneurship

Before I start, I want to define Gratitude as, being thankful for what you have despite the perceptual circumstance. Sometimes gratitude and positive thinking get confused. Also, sometimes positive thinking can be associated with neglecting hard feelings/emotions and circumstances. Gratitude acknowledges what is going on and being felt and is the act of appreciating what you have.

Thanksgiving: I am eternally grateful for my family, friends, and clients for their on-going support. If you're reading this, no matter how long you’ve been in my life, you have had an impact in some way, shape, or form. Thank you! I am grateful for each and everyone of you!

Covid-19: There have been and continue to be challenges since Covid-19 has showed up on our radar, but I would like to say there have been some incredible moments that have come from all of this. I am grateful for the support that was provided by the government, for the companies and people who continue to support our community. I am grateful that I was able to improve my time management, to re-assess my business, to create connections with my family, friends, and my local and international network. I am grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves to simplify and improve our way of living. I am grateful to see people re-assessing their priorities and taking the steps to improve their definition of true wealth. As we continue to navigate Covid-19, I am hopeful that once the chaos plays out, we will take the steps and create the way to move forward as a more intentional, respectful, and empathetic world.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a gift in itself. Every lesson learned, perceptively good or terrible, is a gift. It is also, possibly, the ultimate adventure. Once you get past the fear of money scarcity, it helps but there is still uncertainty at every turn. I am grateful for the incredible people I meet through networking who are doing incredible things of their own and who are so supportive of other entrepreneurs. I am grateful for the opportunity to think differently, to learn, and to adapt. Thank you to the NSBA, SYPE, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Vendasta, WESK, Edwards School of Business, IEEE, Co-Labs, Jolene Watson, Daria Malin, and everyone else who hosted networking events! EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Futurpreneur, WESK, mom and dad, for your financial support!

Despite the uncertainty of life, I wouldn’t change it because of the incredible experiences and people I have in my life as a result. I don't believe I would be the same person today, if any part of my life would have been different. If we didn’t have challenges, we wouldn’t appreciate the important things. I don’t know about you but, if there were no challenges, life would be pretty boring! Thank you to everyone who is and who will be a part of my life journey!



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