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Why I love Networking!

I love networking!... I didn’t always love networking. There is a, seemingly, universal dread for most people and I was no different. Until I experienced it better! To me networking is all about developing relationships, which from what I understand now, is the purpose. I love getting to meet passionate people who love what they do and who want the best for their clients. There’s nothing better than being in a room full of incredible people who want to be there and who want to get to know you.

A few tips to "find the joy"in networking,

1. Find the right events and the right people for you. Give each event 2-3 tries before ruling it out. *If you're not sure where to start, I'd be happy to have a conversation with you to help you narrow down your options (

2. Go to different types of events, I get the most, out of events that I know little to nothing about. It gives you an opportunity to learn but also, it's a great opportunity to "think outside the box." For example, I love going to Tech events! I occasionally understand what they're saying BUT, I'm learning AND, I come up with all kinds of great ideas for my business!

3. I recommend going by yourself so that you can actually get to know other people instead of sitting (or standing) with your friend(s) or co-worker(s) BUT if you feel better going with someone, definitely ask a friend or co-worker.

I go because I believe in word of month referrals, I love getting to know awesome people, and I get to have really great conversations that often continue with follow up conversations over coffee. What's better than that!?

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