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World Toilet Day is Tomorrow!

Thank goodness for toilets! Toilet’s have changed our world in so many ways! Primarily, better hygiene, resulting in less illness and disease. I would like to use this opportunity to talk about hydration, poop, and pelvic health. I won’t go into too much detail here BUT! If you are having trouble in any of these areas, please contact a healthcare professional! Doctors and physiotherapists that specialize in pelvic health have a wealth of knowledge to help to get your body functioning normally again. Hydration- If you’re not sure if you’re hydrated or not, there are urine charts that will help you determine how hydrated you are based on the color of your urine. Staying hydrated is important! Your body is mostly made up of water and your body requires water to function properly. Poop- If you’re not pooping, if you’re pooping a lot, if your poop is runny or painful, talk to a healthcare professional to help you to determine your best next steps to having normal poops again. Pelvic Health- If you “leak” when you laugh, sneeze, or jump, consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Although there seem to be many people that experience these symptoms, this should not be happening! Tools, like, Toilet Meditation with the amazing Shelly Prosko serves as a multipurpose tool that can help you have better “movements,” bring you peace of mind, and increase your body awareness! Julie Wiebe also has great resources in relation to the pelvic floor and exercise. I would also like to bring attention to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for working to develop affordable and efficient toilets and to improve water sustainability practices. So, as you move through your week, notice how often you go to the bathroom, what does your urine look like, what does your poop look like? Are you “leaking” when you laugh, sneeze, or jump? If yes, or if you’re not sure, consult a healthcare professional.

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