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These sessions are designed to be an opportunity to RE-evaluate, RE-set, and RE-direct your life.

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General Assessment

Assess the areas of your life.

Determine the life you want to be living.

Create a plan to live the life you want.

Take the actions.

Live the life you deserve.

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Intensive Add Ons

  • Sleep Evaluation (1 x 3 hour assessment)

  • Stress Management (1 x 3 hour assessment)

  • Habit Development (3-12 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Vision Generation (3-12 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Whole Body Stretching (2 x 2 hour sessions)

  • Movement Foundation (20 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Access Bars Session *In person ONLY (1 x 1-1.5 hour session)

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Holistic Life Coaching

Coaching is NOT therapy or counselling.

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a coachee (client). The coach facilitates for the coachee, so that the coachee can discover the answers to their questions.


We are all whole. We have the answers within us. Sometimes we just need help to allow the answers surface.  

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Personal Training

  • Learn Form & Technique that is Right for your Body

  •  Gain Confidence to Workout on your Own

  •  Develop Physical, Mental, & Emotional Strength

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Corporate Wellness

Improve team engagement with interactive workshops and holistic life coaching. Support your team to have quality of life in all areas of their lives. Topics include: Healthy Habits, Sleep Health, Movement Foundations for Life, Stress Management, Vision Generation.

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