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Movement Consultation (30 minutes)

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This service is for people who have questions about,

1. Specific exercises.


If you don't know what you should feeling.

If you feel nothing.

If it's not feeling like you think it should.

If you 're not sure where your feet/knees/hips/back/shoulder/arms/head should be.

If you're not sure how to breathe when you exercise.

2. Why you do certain exercises


Why are you doing hip exercises for your knees?

Why do you feel your knees when you squat?

Why should I do squats?

Why should I do deadlifts?

Why should I stretch?

Why should I do a warm up?

What would be a good warm up?

Why should I cool down?

What would be a good cool down for me?

3. Specific Activities


How can I lift better?

How can I carry better?

How can I shovel better?

How can I squat better?

How can I deadlift better?

How can I use my core better?

How can I run better?

How can I get more out of yoga?

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