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Movement Consultation (30 minutes)

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Focus: This service is for people who have questions about,

1. Specific exercises.


I don't know what I should feeling

I don't feel anything when I do my exercises

I don't think I'm doing my exercises right

I don't know how to breathe when I exercise

2. Why you do certain exercises


Why am I doing hip exercises for my knees?

Why do I feel my knees when I squat?

Why should I do squats?

Why should I do deadlifts?

Why should I stretch?

Why should I do a warm up?

What would be a good warm up?

Why should I cool down?

What would be a good cool down for me?

3. Specific Activities


How can I lift better?

How can I carry better?

How can I shovel better?

How can I squat better?

How can I deadlift better?

How can I use my core better?

How can I run better?

How can I get more out of yoga?

*Sessions are done over Zoom.

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