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Working with Tara was exactly what I needed. Her Coaching style is comfortable but gets to the heart of the matter. As a Coach myself, Tara helped me explore my business goals and create action steps while also helping me address other areas of my life that needed aligning. Her Life Navigation program is a fantastic way to dive into Coaching and really focus on your personal intentions to create a life you love!


AB, Canada

Being coached by Tara is life changing! I took her flagship “Life Navigation” course and am so thrilled that I decided to make the investment in myself and work with her. She is so down to earth and easy to open up with, very insightful, and constantly asking all the right questions to get me really thinking about what is important to me at my core. The exercises in this course get you to dig deep past your surface level thoughts of who you think you are and become who you really are. It is a lot of work and you have to buy (or borrow) a few popular books, but it is more than worth it! While I came into the course looking to improve my self worth, there have been ripple effects in my business and all my relationships as well. I raised my rates and started accepting clients who see my worth, I am debt free, I have an emergency fund, and I have money set aside for more personal development. Not only am I taking care of myself now, but I also learned to have fun and embrace life and see the world in a whole new way. I am connecting with my kids on an incredible level, reaching out to my community, helping others and sharing this tidal wave of love that she started in me. I am forever grateful for the past few months and the clarity Tara was able to cultivate in me- the future is so much brighter than I ever could have imagined.



Tara's creative and engaging approach to coaching was refreshing. She helped me get outside of my head and get in touch with the more artistic and playful parts of myself.



Tara had a welcoming and grounded confidence throughout our coaching session which made it easy to open up and look within. She asked thoughtful questions that showed she really listened to me and helped me work through my challenges.



Tara is an amazingly calm and insightful coach. The tools that she used as a coach were fun and playful as well as applicable to my every day. She was able to facilitate uncovering many things to help me learn about myself and continue to move forward. I could feel her support and presence.


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